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Remarkable Science of Ancient Astronomy, Part 2 of 2 DVD #324

Remarkable Science of Ancient Astronomy, Part 2 of 2 DVD #324 #324

Category: Science

Type: In-person

Start date: February 8, 2023 - March 15, 2023

End date: February 8, 2023 - March 15, 2023

Location: First Congregational United Church of Christ Hartland


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Part 2 of this course encompasses archaeoastronomy, which is the study of how ancient monuments are oriented to the sky. It also includes cosmology, mythology, mathematics, celestial mapping, astrology, divination, timekeeping, calendars, navigation, and ancient technology—among other fields. It is part science, part history, part archaeology, part cultural anthropology, and part detective story. Progress in the discipline depends on an astute reading of cues to unravel the complex relationship of ancient people with the sky. You did not have to attend Part 1 to enjoy Part 2.  

Wednesdays: Feb. 8, 15, 22; Mar. 1, 8, 15   1:30 -3:25 p.m.

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Address: 111 Church St, Hartland, Wisconsin, 53029, United States

Phone: (262) 367-2961



$20.00 (USD)

February 8, 2023 - March 15, 2023

1:30 pm - 3:25 pm

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