LIRWC provides intellectual, cultural, educational and social opportunities to foster life-long learning for adults.


LIRWC courses are held during the day at WCTC’s Waukesha campuses and other facilities in the area. Offerings include:

  • Short-term courses, one day a week, to one day a week for one to seven weeks in length, on topics in literature, the arts, history, religions of the world, financial planning, health, world wars, science, senior care, and more. Most courses cost $20 or less, and there are no pre-requisites, no exams, and no grades!
  • Regional day-long bus trips to museums, art exhibits, theater performances, and other special events throughout the year.
  • Distinguished speakers from within LIRWC and also outside community experts on a variety of topics.
  • Groups for special interests (SIGs) include book lovers, genealogy, sheepshead, singers, bridge, hiking, theater group, philosophy, golf, MAH-jongg, beading and jewelry making.

Members can take advantage of special events and trips to regional places of interest, special interest groups (SIGs) where like-minded individuals share a common interest, and courses in a variety of subjects such as literature, the arts, history, religions of the world, financial planning, health, world wars, science, senior care and much more. You will find all of our SIGs currently located under the EVENTS TAB (watch for a future change where SIGs will be moved to its own Tab and Events will be for actual trip events).

Become a Member

Membership is open to any adult with a flexible schedule who can attend events during the weekdays. Our current membership fee for the 2023 fall semester is only $30.00 and is valid from September 01 thru December 31, but you can join at any time during the coming fall semester.

To become a member, fill out the Learning in Retirement Registration of Waukesha County Inc. Membership/Registration Form here online located under Resources. You can pay via PayPal through the website or via check made out to LIRWC-Inc. by clicking on Pay By Invoice and then mailing in your payment.

This photo (left) is of our Hiking SIG members on one of their recent hikes on the Lake Country Recreation Trail. They hike the 2nd Saturday of each month at various trails throughout the southeast Wisconsin area. Contact the office to find out more about this SIG or any of our other nine groups (see pages 46, 47 in the catalog.)

The photo below is from our class on “Learning How To Sail a Small Boat” taught by one of our avid sailing members! These and other exciting courses are offered each semester.


Community Outreach

LIRWC has been active in community outreach programs such as conducting presentations for local organizations and senior community centers interested in learning more about our group and all that we have to offer. Not all persons are mobile and through our outreach programs, we are bringing LIRWC opportunities to persons who are otherwise shut-ins. To date, we have presented at several Kiwanis Clubs, Lions Clubs, senior community centers, and other local groups. Most of these connections were made through one of our members. Word-of-mouth is an invaluable tool for spreading the word about LIRWC and we encourage everyone to talk to their family, friends, and neighbors. You never know how the information will “spider out” and reach others. This past spring semester over 50 new members joined our organization! We are glad to visit any organization interested in connecting with us and sharing how LIRWC can benefit them individually, or as an organization – or to talk with them on the phone if they call the office or one of the Board members at 262-695-3473 or email: contact@lirwc.org.



Welcome to the LIRWC 2023 fall semester! We have another fantastic line-up of courses for you to choose from and your favorite Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are still active, but moving to new locations (see pages 46, 47 in the catalog). Special Events is working on their fall 2023 trip schedule and more information will follow later.

You will find the following items in the Resource Section:

  1. 2023 Fall Course Catalog
  2. Membership/Registration Form
  3. Handy Course List
  4. All Inclusive Risk Release Form
  5. Paying via PayPal Procedures (or send in a check)

You can complete the forms and mail – or deliver to:


327 E Broadway Rm WK101G

Waukesha WI  53186

You can also register here online. Click on Become A Member, or if already a member online then just log-in to your account.

NOTE: We have a special fall semester membership fee of only $30.00 and course fees are still only $10, $15 or $20 each. Take advantage of this great fall program.

Questions?  Contact us at email: contact@lirwc.org or call: 262-695-3473.

Thank you for your continued support of LIRWC.


We have quite a few new members in our organization and we encourage you to get more involved.

Class Coordinators are always in demand and while the duties are few, the help they bring to the instructor and the class make a difference. We had a few new members take the leap and help out in a few classes. They remarked it was a satisfying experience – and not as intimidating as they thought.


Check out your current board members on page 2 of the catalog where you will also find their contact info! Serving the organization on the Board is a rewarding experience and not as time consuming as you might think. And the Committees always welcome additional people to join them. Consider the Membership, Curriculum or Special Events Committees as wonderful ways to get involved, meet new people and have fun!

Contact the office or any Board Member for more information. You are always welcome to come to a Board or Committee meeting to learn more before volunteering.